West Virginia Speech-Language Pathology Programs

Located amid the awe-inspiring Appalachian Mountains, West Virginia provides proof of its rich cultural past and stunning natural surroundings. This state, often admired for its peaceful wilderness and friendly communities, is also emerging as a modern hub for education. West Virginia’s academic scenery is as diverse as its topography, and within this scenery lies a blooming field that focuses on empowering individuals who have issues with communicating normally with others. Yes, you guessed right, we are talking about Speech-Language Pathology (SLP). 

In the center of this breathtaking state, a few educational institutes have established themselves as lighthouses of excellence in the domain of Speech-Language Pathology. While there may not be an extensive array of SLP programs in West Virginia at the moment compared to some large states, despite the scarcity in numbers, the state excels in delivering education of unparalleled quality. The programs of this state, though fewer in number, are well-known for their robust curriculum, top-class faculty, and leading-edge research opportunities. Quality takes supremacy over quantity, ensuring that students receive high-end education that prepares them to thrive in the competent landscape of speech-language pathology. 

Speech-language Pathology Programs in Virginia 

In the realm of education and innovation, West Virginia’s Speech-language Pathology programs offer a modern approach to learning, incorporating various degrees from bachelor’s to master’s and even doctorate levels. SLP enthusiasts can start their academic journey with bachelor’s programs that lay a solid base in the fundamentals of communication disorders that millions of people face worldwide. These programs are necessary to understand the basic concepts of linguistics, psychology, and anatomy, preparing students for the complex obstacles they will face in their careers. 

Suppose you seek a deeper understanding of the field and wish to work as a licensed SLP professional. In that case, you must acquire a master’s degree as it offers specialized knowledge and practical clinical experience. These programs focus on advanced topics like neurogenic communication, voice, and swallowing disorders. They equip students with the skills needed to address a myriad of speech and language impairments. 

In the relentless search for excellence, some institutions in West Virginia offer doctorate-level degrees in Speech-Language Pathology, providing a pavement for professionals to participate in groundbreaking research and contribute to the progress of the field. So, it doesn’t matter if you are at a beginner’s level or wish to become a pro; West Virginia has all the necessary programs in its room just for you. 

West Virginia Bachelors in SLP and Speech Therapy 

West Virginia University (WVU)- Bachelor of Science in Speech Pathology and Audiology

With many students continuing their education in one of their authorized graduate programs, West Virginia University’s (WVU) pre-professional undergraduate program in Communication Sciences and Disorders (CSD) provides the foundation for graduate study in these in-demand subjects. To increase participation in daily activities, speech-language pathologists and audiologists diagnose and treat people with speech, language, or hearing issues at all stages of life.

The CSD Early Assurance Programme at WVU is open to qualified first-year applicants and offers participants who maintain their academic standing and successfully fulfill the entrance requirements for their preferred program a guarantee of graduate admission.

Marshall University- Bachelor of Science in Communication Disorders

Earning your bachelor’s degree in Communication Disorders from Marshall University is a common pathway for advanced graduate study in audiology or speech-language pathology. Speech-language pathologists diagnose and treat individuals with language, articulation, voice, fluency, cognitive-communication, social communication, and swallowing disorders. It includes various courses like Basic Audiology, Phonetics, Diagnoses of Communication Disorders, etc. All these courses work together to build a strong foundation of concepts of SLP for students. 

Clinical study abroad opportunities allow students of MU to travel to the Caribbean and work with agencies such as the Davon Port Hearing School, the Caribbean Centre for the Deaf, and the Montego Bay Autism Center. Undergraduate students at Marshall can take a two-week course to obtain clinical hours while exploring the world and interacting with children who need speech therapy. Study abroad experiences are optional, and undergraduate and graduate students have traveled with faculty to countries like Jamaica and Uganda.

Not just that, students learn from board-certified faculty, including a Board-Certified Specialist in Swallowing and Swallowing Disorders and the only Certified Listening and Spoken Language Specialist in West Virginia. Simulations are embedded in undergraduate courses that provide students with a supportive environment to develop clinical skills and strategies for research. Students learn to engage in research by participating in the Community of Research Practice, Special Topics, and Independent Studies and also travel regularly with faculty to both national and state conferences to present research, earning awards and recognition.

West Virginia Masters in Speech-language Pathology (MSLP) Programs 

West Virginia University (WVU)- Master of Science in Speech-Language Pathology

Master of Science (MS) program in Speech-Language Pathology from West Virginia University provides aspiring professionals the competence to diagnose, screen, and treat the wide spectrum of communicative disorders in all age groups. The program affords students opportunities in externships, interprofessional practice, and research.

The program provides academic and unique clinical instruction across the lifespan. On-campus students can gain valuable experience in the West Virginia University Speech, Language, and Hearing Clinic. In addition, students will have an externship or clinical placement in a variety of education and medical settings. Career opportunities continue to expand and grow at a rate faster than the national average for speech-language pathology jobs. Graduates of this program are qualified to find employment in a wide variety of settings, including schools, hospitals, clinics, special treatment centers, and private practice.

Marshall UniversityMaster of Science in Communication Disorders (Speech-Language Pathology concentration)

The Marshall University Master of Science degree program for speech-language pathology allows students to practice professionally as entry-level speech-language pathologists (SLP) upon completion. Located in Huntington, West Virginia, their accredited speech pathology degree program teaches students how to diagnose and treat individuals with articulation, language, voice, fluency, social communication, and swallowing disorders. 

Speech pathology graduate students become proficient in assessing and treating various communication disorders and work with clients of all ages, including those with apraxia of speech, hearing impairments, brain injuries, autism spectrum disorders, and Down Syndrome. Speech pathologists can also change practice settings and populations throughout their careers, with opportunities to create their hours through private practice.

So, why choose MU? Firstly, they have a  diverse faculty with a wide variety of specialty areas in the fields of speech therapy, audiology, stuttering, literacy, and much more. They offer various research opportunities that allow students to work closely with board-certified faculty in the student’s area of interest. As a student of MU, you will find a variety of community-based and global opportunities to earn college credit.

Online Master’s in Speech-language Pathology in West Virginia 

West Virginia University (WVU)- Online Master of Science in Speech-Language Pathology

The full-time online Master of Science (MS) program in speech-language pathology is suitable for individuals working as a Speech-Language Pathology Assistant (SLP-A) in the West Virginia schools while completing coursework online with periodic on-ground activities. The program begins in the summer and is ten semesters in length. Students will be enrolled part-time in some semesters and full-time in other semesters.

Although they will be paid as SLP-As, students may be required to pay their own living and tuition costs at West Virginia University. An SLP-A employment offer may include additional benefits and support provided by specific counties. During the distance program, students in the MS Online SLP program will be part-time or full-time students. The minimum duration of the program is ten consecutive semesters (including four summer sessions). To be eligible for graduation, students need to maintain a 3.0 GPA, pass their knowledge and skills assessments, complete a final project, and achieve a minimum of 400 supervised clinical clock hours. 


West Virginia definitely lacks in the quantity of SLP programs. The lack of doctoral-level programs is a blow for those who want to become scholars of SLP while staying in West Virginia. But the bachelor’s and master’s degrees are worth noting. They are comprehensive and provide robust training to Speech-language pathology aspirants.

West Virginia Speech-Language Pathology Programs

ProgramUniversity NameCityStateAccreditation
Master's in Speech-Language Pathology (MS)Marshall UniversityHuntingtonWVASHA
Doctorate in Audiology (AuD)West Virginia UniversityMorgantownWVASHA
Master's in Speech-Language Pathology (MS)West Virginia UniversityMorgantownWVASHA
Master's in Speech-Language Pathology (MS)West Liberty UniversityWest LibertyWV

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