Maine Speech-Language Pathology Programs

Speech-language Pathology programs are high in demand these days as most people want to opt for a fulfilling career choice and make sure that they are able to serve well in their professional careers. If you are one such individual and want to make sure that you would like to display a positive impact and serve the well-being of people, this educational and career path can be the ideal pick for you. 

Speech-language Pathologists, which are also known as SLPs, are known to help patients with speech sounds, language, literacy, social communication, voice, fluency, as well as cognitive communication. Suppose you pursue a career in speech-language pathology. In that case, you can opt for private practice, physician’s offices, hospitals, schools, colleges and universities, rehabilitation centres, and residential healthcare facilities as well. 

Speech-language pathologists hold a lot of importance, and their career is also very demanding, as they are responsible for the evaluation and treatment of speech-related issues as well as problems related to language development. For example, this can include little children who are not able to develop their language properly and are not able to speak well. 

Do you want to make sure that you are able to pursue the career that you want to and get access to the best possible resources in terms of basic and further education both? You need to make the right decision for yourself as it will not only help you evaluate yourself as a person but also ensure that the degree makes you stand out amongst others. Let us dive into the details of multiple speech-language therapy programs that are being offered in Maine, as well as which one will turn out to be the best pick for you. 

Speech-language Therapy Programs in Maine

If you are planning to enrol in a speech-language therapy program in Maine, you must keep in mind that there are multiple institutions that you can opt for according to your likes, requirements and preferences. 

Finding the right institution can be difficult and tricky at first, but once you go through the guide that we have provided you with, you will be able to make a better decision on which institute to opt for. Whether it is a Bachelor’s, Master or Online degree that you want to pursue, you will able to find all options that you want. 

Maine Bachelors in SLP and Speech Therapy 

University of Maine- Bachelor of Arts in Communication Sciences and Disorders

The University of Maine offers a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Sciences and Disorders. This is an undergraduate program that is being offered to students who want to pursue a graduate program in the same field later on. This can include pursuing graduate study in speech-language pathology, audiology, special education, business as well health care professions and developmental and cognitive psychology. 

Students who become graduates of Bachelor of Arts in Communication Sciences and Disorders will not only get the opportunity to enrol in a graduate program but also help them pursue their respective careers in different fields. 

The university also welcomes students who want to transfer from other universities as well as other degree programs. Moreover, students who are interested in the program and want to apply should make sure that they have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher if they want their application to be considered. 

Furthermore, students who want to apply to the program should make sure that they visit the university website for additional details. They can also contact the undergraduate coordinator in case of confusion. As the university application deadlines are strict, make sure that you apply on time. 

Students enrolling in the fall semester must submit their application any time after the 1st of October. Similarly, if transfer students who want to enrol on time, they should also submit their application by the 1st of February. 

University of Southern Maine- Bachelor of Arts in Speech and Language Science Concentration

The University of Southern Maine offers a Bachelor of Arts in Speech and Language Science Concentration. With a focus on linguistics, this degree will help students develop their skill set in speech-language pathology, audiology, and other related disciplines. 

Students will get a chance to work closely with the faculty and also receive one-on-one individualised attention through community involvement and grant-funded research programs. Individuals will also be able to prepare for a wide range of careers in speech-language pathology or audiology, as well as clinical disciplines and ESL. 

Students who want to advance in their careers and make sure that they are doing well will be able to gain academic credit for skills and knowledge that they have already acquired through work, community service, and life experience. 

Hands-on learning experience is also encouraged in this degree, along with service learning as well as the opportunity to collaborate with faculty on research projects and engage with local organisations too. After the completion of the degree, students will get the opportunity to pursue meaningful career options in speech-language pathology. 

The program requirements for the degree include a total of 55 credit hours and achieving a minimum of 3.7 GPA in language, mind and society-related courses. Keep in mind that students must earn a total of 120 credits to graduate. Graduates also require 25 hours of observation in a clinic, and students can complete these hours on their own or as a part of one to three credits of independent study. 

Maine Masters in Speech-language Pathology (MSLP) Programs 

University of Maine- Master of Arts in Communication Sciences and Disorders

The University of Maine offers a Master of Arts in Communication Sciences and Disorders. The graduate program being offered by the university include preparing students for their first career opportunity as independent professional in the field. As this is a full-time program, it extends over a period of 2 years and five semesters, which means that students will have an option of both thesis and non-thesis work. 

Other students might have to study for 6 to 7 semesters, as they might have to complete significant coursework as well. Students can also opt for research opportunities when they want to. Students can also check out the university handbook for additional information and make sure they go through the details about what the university is offering. 

Moreover, other program requirements for the students include meeting the academic and clinical requirements of the university and making sure that the standards for Clinical Certification in Speech-Language Pathology set by ASHA are being met. Students who are pursuing the degree will have to make sure that once they are admitted into the program, they will have to meet the required certification standards as well. 

Furthermore, the degree also offers clinical practicum experiences, which are supervised by experienced faculty and on-site professionals, as well as making sure that the faculty-student ratio is maintained so everyone gets individual attention. 

Students who complete this Master’s program will be eligible for licensure within the State of Maine as well. In addition to this, the university representative can also be consulted if applicants have any confusion or questions related to their degree. 

Online Masters in Speech-language Pathology in Maine

University of Maine at Farmington- Master’s in Special Education

The University of Maine at Farmington offers a Master’s in Special Education. If you want to prepare for an in-demand career and make sure that you want to serve in a positive manner for the betterment of others, a Master’s in Special Education is in high demand these days throughout the state of Maine. 

The Master’s in Special Education that is being offered focuses on a pathway for students as it will help in supporting the needs of people interested in teaching and leadership roles in the special educator sector. As the University of Maine at Farmington is rated as one of the best institutions, students will be able to get a comprehensive set of skills and knowledge that allow them to implement their learnings in the professional world as well. 

The Master’s program is being taught both in-person as well as online, with around 30% of the program being taught in-person and the rest of the 70% program being taught online. The face-to-face classes take place on 3 Saturdays per semester, which means individuals enrolled in the program can continue to pursue their careers side by side with their education. 

Furthermore, the program is structured in a way that students will have to study around 33 graduate credit hours, with 12 hours of credit hours being of the core curriculum and then the choice between 6 specialisations that are 21 credit hours each. 

All applicants are strongly encouraged to contact the university department before they apply to clear out any confusion that they might have. Similarly, there are specific due dates mentioned on the website for each semester, so make sure to commit to the program properly and enrol according to the requirements that have been given. 

Maine Online Speech-language Pathology Programs

Now that we have summarised the programs that are being offered in Maine for Speech-language Pathology, we hope that now you will have a better idea of what institution you should be selecting and which degree you would like to pursue among the ones that have been mentioned above. 

While on-campus degrees offer a lot of benefits, such as student-teacher interaction and faculty supervision, some students are not able to attend classes on campus for a number of reasons. Thanks to advancement and technology, the options for online Speech-language pathology programs have also increased, and this can be a great exposure for students who really want to learn but are restricted due to physical boundaries. 

Online speech-language pathology programs offer flexibility, allowing students to study at their own pace while balancing other commitments. They are cost-effective, eliminating expenses related to commuting and accommodation. Additionally, students have access to a wide range of resources beyond a single institution, enhancing their learning experience and skill development. This accessibility fosters better exam preparation and application of knowledge in real-world settings. Overall, online programs cater to diverse needs, offering convenience, affordability, and enriched educational opportunities for individuals pursuing a career in speech-language pathology.


If you feel like you want to pursue your education in Speech-language pathology Programs and see your future, then don’t hesitate to explore the options that you have, as only then will you be able to understand and process what exactly you want to do. To help you make an easier decision with selecting the degree that you want, we have highlighted multiple educational institutions in Maine that can be the ideal pick and opportunity for you. 

Whether it is a Bachelor’s degree or a Master’s degree, make sure you go through the requirement options of the university and if you fit within those requirements or not. Also, ensure that you do proper research before picking an institution because the place where you obtain a degree from speaks volumes about the kind of work that you end up doing. 

Moreover, even if you cannot attend on-campus classes due to any reason and want to opt for flexibility, then there are online options available as well. You can not only choose online options, but there are hybrid models which include going to campus on some days while attending classes online on other days. 

We hope that you were able to gain something from this guide and you were able to choose the institution that you were looking for and make a decision for your education and future career both. 

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