Wyoming Speech-Language Pathology Programs

In Western America’s heart, Wyoming illustrates a picture of boundless horizons, towering mountain ranges, and endless meadows. This is the land where horses roam and geysers erupt. Wyoming’s natural scenery is undoubtedly awe-inspiring. However, when we talk about education and specific technical fields like Speech-Language Pathology (SLP), the state paints a unique picture that sets it apart from other states. 

Wyoming has always had a rich academic background, focusing on a tightly-knit community approach. With its thin population, the state leans heavily on every individual’s contribution to the community. This basic principle seeps down to every frame of its society, including its approach to academics. Tutors in Wyoming primarily work in settings where they are familiar with every student. This creates a tailored and nurturing environment for learning. Such a sincere approach to education allows for a thorough understanding and bonding with students, an attribute that is highly beneficial in fields like Speech-Language Pathology. 

SLP is a profession that focuses on assessing, diagnosing, treating, and preventing speech, language, and communication disorders. It requires expert professionals who profoundly understand human bondings and communication. The field demands a perfect fusion of scientific knowledge and empathetic interpersonal skills. SLPs play a pivotal role in boosting communication skills and enhancing an individual’s quality of life. From helping a child pronounce words correctly to helping stroke patients regain their everyday speech, the impact of SLPs on our society is immense and can never be ignored. 

Speech-language Therapy Programs in Wyoming

In Wyoming, the significance of Speech-Language Pathologists can’t be understated. Given the state’s scarce population and rural nature, SLPs here usually find themselves playing multiple roles, taking care of diverse populations, from school-going kids to older adults. SLPs in Wyoming face unique challenges due to the geographical vastness and the isolated nature of its residents. These experts provide quality care, often traveling distances or leveraging e-therapy for those needing help. 

Astonishingly, despite the evident demand for SLP services in Wyoming, it boasts a smaller number of dedicated SLP programs. This shortage can be explained through a combination of factors. Firstly, the state has a scarce population density; thus, the logistical challenges posed by its immensity may hinder educational institutions from establishing different programs. Moreover, many students prefer more populated states that have a higher concentration of academic institutions. However, this restriction undervalues the importance of existing SLP programs in Wyoming. These programs are fundamental in preparing professionals to be proficient with the state’s increased demands. 

Wyoming Bachelors in SLP and Speech Therapy 

There is currently only one Bachelors program in Speech-Language Pathology that we have overviewed in great detail below: 

University of Wyoming- Bachelor of Science in SPEECH, LANGUAGE, AND HEARING SCIENCE

The Bachelor’s in Speech, Language, and Hearing Science from the University of Wyoming aims to prepare students for success in graduate school, primarily for Speech-Language Pathology or Audiology. The four-year program provides students with a broad foundation in the fundamental knowledge of human communication, communication development, sciences and humanities, and the nature of communication disorders across the lifespan. 

Students in this program have opportunities for didactic learning with clinical application, problem-solving, and critical thinking. They will also have opportunities to contribute to scholarly inquiry and research in communication disorders. Students receive education regarding ethical standards and cultural sensitivity in the provision of services and will participate in the University of Wyoming community through interdisciplinary and interprofessional educational programs. They will gain foundational knowledge in communication sciences and disorders with these classes and more at the University of Wyoming:

  • Anatomy and Physiology of Speech, Hearing, and Swallowing
  • American Sign Language 
  • Phonetics 
  • Aural Rehabilitation 
  • Neurological Basis of Communication

Students pursuing this degree can gain initial clinical experiences in their senior year through the UW Speech and Hearing Clinic, located on the University of Wyoming campus. The Clinic is a Learning facility for graduate and undergraduate students in SLP and audiology, where they are directly guided by licensed and ASHA-certified speech-language pathologists (CCC-SLP) and audiologists (CCC-A). Students also have the opportunity to complete an ASL Studies Certificate, which demonstrates basic knowledge and use of American Sign Language (ASL) and an understanding of Deaf Culture.

Students also have the opportunity to join the Wyoming chapter of the National Student Speech-Language-Hearing Association (NSSLHA). It is a student-led organization that connects students with professors and helps them plan steps following graduation. They also host events for things like graduate applications, study groups, and alternative careers. Through UOW’s peer advising program, students can discuss courses and navigate graduate school applications with graduate students before meeting with their academic advisor. 

Wyoming Masters in Speech-language Pathology (MSLP) Programs 

University of Wyoming- M.S. in Speech-Language Pathology

UW’s speech-language pathology master’s program is delivered in a hybrid format, where you’ll spend the “first-year” (three semesters) on campus in Laramie, Wyoming, followed by the “second year” (three semesters) completing a clinical practicum and externships, as well as online classes, anywhere in the United States (The program must approve clinical sites.) The combination of academic coursework and clinical experience allows students to gain diverse and profound knowledge and skills to diagnose, prevent, assess, and remediate communication difficulties and disorders. This program provides students with the background to work in any setting as an SLP.

When becoming an SLP, students learn about communication difficulties, such as voice disorders, speech sounds disorders, stuttering, language impairments, and learning disabilities. They also learn about communication and swallowing problems associated with neurological conditions such as strokes, head injuries, and developmental disorders.

Graduates of this program work with people across the lifespan, from infants to seniors, in diverse settings, including schools, preschools, hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, universities, and private practice. They will learn to diagnose speech and language disorders in children and adults, make recommendations for remediation, and provide direct intervention. 

You can choose from either a thesis or a non-thesis track. You can work with researchers investigating the nature and treatment of communication disorders and conduct your own thesis research. During their first year, students enroll in coursework while engaging in clinical practicum in the UW Speech & Hearing Clinic for the first three semesters. During the first year of the program, students are required to be on the UW main campus in Laramie, Wyoming.

During the second year, online synchronous coursework in the fall semester and an intensive “community placement.” These community-based practicums can occur in Wyoming or another state as long as a cooperative agreement can be obtained and the University, the program, and the externship supervisor approve the site and student placement. Students complete the oral comprehensive exam during the second year. During the spring and summer semesters of the second year, students engage in two full-time clinical externships in an educational and medical setting (arranged by our externship coordinator). Externships occur throughout the U.S., generally at sites for which we have existent/formerly established contracts (most often in the Mountain-West region).

Students can work in a variety of setups after graduating from this program; these setups are as follows: 

  • Preschools, secondary schools, universities
  • Clinics, hospitals, extended care centers, and other medical settings
  • Home Services
  • Research labs
  • Government agencies
  • Military branches
  • Private practice 


Wyoming has a large geographical area but a very thin population density, which is why there are not many options for future SLPs to study here. The only institute that is offering SLP-related programs here is the University of Wyoming. Although these programs lack quantity, their quality is unmatched as they stand tall among international institutes that are well-known for SLP programs. So, if you are in Wyoming and want to pursue Speech-language pathology as a profession, the UOW has you covered. But to pursue advanced research and a doctorate, you will have to move out of the state, unfortunately.

Wyoming Speech-Language Pathology Programs

ProgramUniversity NameCityStateAccreditation
Doctorate in Audiology (AuD)University of WyomingLaramieWY
Master's in Speech-Language Pathology (MS)University of WyomingLaramieWYASHA

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